Why a Euro Referendum now would be barmy

Vince Cable has called an EU referendum now “horribly irrelevant”


If there is one issue that divides more politicians and brings together coalitions of the most diverse political views it is the issue of Europe. I suspect that the only issue that could see Bill Cash and Douglas Carswell (right-wing head-bangers) and Kelvin Hopkins and John McDonnell (unrepentant hard left Socialists) it is on Europe.

Earlier this week, the Tories were debating about whether there should be a referendum about our membership of the European Community. Personally I don’t oppose a referendum on our membership of the EU, and I voted for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but it would be barmy having one now. 

I’m amazed that during a time of real economic uncertainty there are people who would support a referendum that, by the uncertainty it would create, would further destabilise the European Economy and threaten the UK recovery.

Not for the first time, I agree with Vince Cable when he says that a referendum now would be “horribly irrelevant”


I’m totally in favour of a referendum when there are any plans for further transfer of powers from the UK to Europe, although I suspect that this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

And for the record, I would vote to stay in the EU because it means more jobs for my constituents. An estimated 3.5m jobs in the UK depend on the EU economy.  40% of the UK’s exports are to the EU, compared to just 2% to China. Some or all of those jobs would be lost if we left the EU.

19 responses to “Why a Euro Referendum now would be barmy

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  2. John you are being very disingenuous in your post !you say 3.5m jobs in the UK depend on trade with the EU AND THAT THESE would be lost if we left the EU – THIS IS UNTRUE – Britain in Europe”, the pro-EU campaign which made this statistic up eventually folded for lack of support, and the scientist who led the research
    publicly disowned this claim. His report said that few, if any,
    jobs would be lost if we left, because trade with Europe
    would continue. The National Institute for Economic and
    Social Research supported this view. It says that 3.5 million
    jobs are linked with EU trade, but if Britain leaves, few if any
    of those jobs would disappear.
    also The Lisbon treaty also obliges the EU to negotiate Free Trade
    Agreements (FTAs) with a member-state that wishes to
    withdraw, as well as with states that are not EU members.
    on top of that the EU will soon have FTAs with 80 per cent of all non-EU countries !!! So UK trade could prosper under the sort of free
    trade agreements enjoyed by Countries like Norway,
    Switzerland and even Mexico. The USA and China, not EU
    members with zero votes in EU intuition’s sell more goods to
    the EU than the UK does, without paying a cent to Brussels
    or imposing one iota of EU regulation on their domestic

  3. Since we buy more from the EU than we sell to them (even with the BS imports and exports to Rotterdam, where what we send there is counted in but what goes to non EU countries from there is not counted) we do not have 3.5million jobs at risk if we leave! Indeed even if they were at risk they would be employed by British Firms taking up the slack form loss of imports!

  4. Honestly it amazes me that people like you get elected.. you are elected to serve the will of the people. You may think you know better but you don’t!
    We have never been asked to be part of this EU.
    Get a grip and be a man stand up for your electorate not some random dream of perks and ministerial positions!

  5. “And for the record, I would vote to stay in the EU because it means more jobs for my constituents. An estimated 3.5m jobs in the UK depend on the EU economy. 40% of the UK’s exports are to the EU, compared to just 2% to China. Some or all of those jobs would be lost if we left the EU.” Really? I demand you give me the EU directive number that states they would break off trade with us. You also back the idea that 3.5 million jobs would be lost.
    Breakdown please of trade sectors and big companies that would be forced to cancel these jobs.
    By the way Eurocrat jobs do not count including your boss’s wife’s job!

  6. The Real economic uncertainty is why we are Borrowing the Same Level of Money each month that the EU is Costing US each Month. Thats Why our Economy is Flatlining. This Money would be Better Spent ON our People the the Economy will Grow.

  7. Sir, You are wrong. If you can provide a Cost Benefit analysis as to why we should remain a member of the EU we are all ears!…It is simply not good enough to say the time is not right. This country consented to a common market not a political, fiscal and monetary union. Successive governments have lied and betrayed the public taking us further and further into what has become one of the worst economic experiments ever attempted. The electorate have completely lost patience with our political elite who “think they know best” . Well for the record YOU DONT. We want out. Enough is enough, and do not patronise us with more lies.

  8. Amazing – words almost fail me. The old chestnut about unemployment & now is not the right time for a referendum!!! If it were left to the Lib Dems there would never be a ‘right time’. The majority of people want a referendum on Europe now. If you think the people of this country want to stay in the EU then what are you afraid of? But then again you have the hypocracy of your party wanting to reform the undemocratic House of Lords, but allowing us no say on the extremely undemocratic EU.

  9. Incredible. I am staggered. Did you get elected spouting this idiotic rubbish? We have a £35 billion trade deficit with the EU (and a surplus with the rest of world!) so you really think they’ll stop selling to us if we leave? Or stop buying from us, either?

    You Sir, are a disingenuous fool and indicative as to why we voters view politicians with contempt.

  10. THE EU is no longer the UK’s main export market, according to research published today 18/07/2012 by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

    The three months to May 2012 registered a sea-change in British trade, with non-EU exports of goods exceeding those to the union by 1.5 per cent – the first time they have done so for a whole quarter since the early 1970s, according to CEBR.

    This reordering from the same three months in 2011, when EU members bought 19 per cent more UK exports than non-members, comes from a 7.3 per cent fall in exports to the EU and a 13.2 per cent rise in goods going elsewhere.

    CEBR believes these figures could in fact overstate EU countries’ importance, since indirect port transfers distort the numbers.

  11. Just yet another politician who is only interested in feathering his own nest – he must have personal financial interests in the EU, like all the others who adamantly bleat on about remaining in – otherwise, why don’t these muppets LISTEN to the vast majority of sensible, decent people, and GET US OUT OF THE EU NOW !!!

  12. I would have thought the £49 million a day we would save by a swift exit from the eu would be sufficent to pay 3.5 million to stay at home !!!
    Not that I believe that Europe would suddenly stop doing business with the uk for one moment..
    Can I suggest you have been brain washed ???
    Only sensible reason I can come up with for your belief in this hog wash

  13. John, you merely strengthen the argument as to why people like you become MP’s; because you’d be useless at anything else, not that you appear to be that good at being an MP. What a complete load of drivel you have quoted above, total lies, scare mongering and not based on any substantiated data at all. I know why you spout this rubbish; you and your sort are on the rack. Your days on the EU gravy train are coming to an end and you’re running scared. Give us our vote now!

  14. I FEEL compelled to correct MR Anonymous who proclaims that the UK people have already had their say! that is nonsense
    We did not vote on our membership in 1975, but one on a common market, a free trading bloc, something that I would be more than happy to go back too and vote for tomorrow, but this relationship is no longer existent.

    The EU has evolved by consecutive treaties and is now a political state. We did not vote for loss of sovereignty, give permission to the EU creating 75 per cent of our laws, a £48 million a day membership fee, nor to become citizens of the union in 1992.

    recent YouGov polls show a clear majority of British people would choose to leave the European Union in such a vote and in every part of the country there is a majority for leaving.

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