Meeting at The Christie

This morning I met with Jim Martin (Chairman) and Caroline Shaw (Chief Executive) at The Christie Trust Headquarters. They wanted to let me know about their plans to bring a high beam proton therapy service to The Christie. There are likely to be 2 sites, with one in London, and the other in the North. The Christie is the obvious choice, and I will certainly be backing plans to bring it to The Christie.

While I was there I also took the opportunity to raise the on-going problems of parking around the hospital. Although the situation has improved with the introduction of the multi-storey carpark, there are still problems on some of the surrounding streets, while spaces still remain in the new carpark. I’ve been assured that extra permits have been issued, and there are more to be issued soon. I hope that this will help to alleviate the problem further, because parking problems remain a cause of great concern for those local residents who have cars parked outside their houses from early morning until the evening, often restricting access to their drive.

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