Lunch at Burnage Community Centre

I often drop in to Burnage Community Centre with Cllr John Cameron on a Thursday for their old people’s lunch. Cath Biggar has done a brilliant job of building up support (and funding) for the lunch, and there is regularly  a hall full of people.

While I was there today the main topic of conversation was about the PCT’s plans to close the walk-in centre next door. People were signing the petition against the closure and saying that it is far too far to be expected to travel to Withington Community Hospital by public transport.

I was pleased to see how much support there was against the closure of the Health Centre

Speaking to local residents at the lunch

While we were talking about the NHS we got onto talking about the flu jab. After the emergence of swine flu it is even more important that people take the opportunity to have the jab to keep them safe this coming winter. One lady told me that she was booked in for next week. We mustn’t forget that about 8000 people in England and Wales die as a result of flu in the winter months, and we need to encourage as many people as possible to have the vaccination.

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