Chorlton Meadows application withdrawn!

The level of opposition to the plans was clear from speaking to people at the Save Chorlton Meadow picnic in November

As has been reported by today’s South Manchester Reporter, the planning application to build on Chorlton Meadows has been withdrawn by the developers.  Once they realised that the committee members were going to reject the proposal, the developers withdraw it rather than have a rejection on the record.

This is a great result and is all thanks to the hard work of the Save Chorlton Meadows campaign, who have worked incredibly hard to drum up support against the plans.

We all want to see improvements in our local area’s amenities, but unfortunately these plans just weren’t right for Chorlton Meadows. I spoke at today’s committee meeting and raised residents’ concerns about the impact that the development would have on the local environment and on local residents. It’s clear from speaking to local people that there was massive opposition to the plans, so I’m delighted by this result.

8 responses to “Chorlton Meadows application withdrawn!

  1. Got a flyer from Labour today implying that they were the key drivers in the decision.

    But aren’t we in Tesco Express land again where the Planners can just do what they like, regardless of anyone else’s opinion?

  2. Well done John Leech MP and team. Standing up for local people and for whats right. Top blog by the way as well 🙂

  3. Hi John.

    Good to see you finally having a blog!

    Even better news on the Chorlton Meadows application. Commons sense prevailed by the applicants, withdrawing it avoids a vote against their name.

    A bit confused by Labour’s letter dropped through my door, as if they were tipped off the committee would vote against app, only it got withdrawn before a vote happened! Weird!

    Then I got one off you guys!

    Gonna keep an eye on the blog 😀

  4. Jon Clark,

    The crucial factor is that the club withdrew their plans. This makes if different.
    If the proposal had been refused we would have been going down the lines of the Planning Inspectorate. However, our technical case is strong whereas with Tesco the Council undermined our technical case (effectively).
    The club may resubmit, but they will have to radically alter their plans.

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  6. I’ve been concerned about planning law for a very long time. It’s very difficult to sustain the momentum and enthusiasm of a legitimate protest campaign, like the ‘Save Chorlton Meadows’ one when everyone knows that the dice are loaded in favour of the developer and the community’s concerns are far too often treated as though they are completely irrelevant.
    In this case the magnificent people of Chorlton diverted the planning juggernaut from its inexorable path – but it’s time that the system was made fairer and more democratic.

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