Lorna Lodge and Social Housing Shortages

This morning I had a meeting with Great Places Housing Association (formerly Manchester Methodist Housing Association) to discuss the future of Lorna Lodge. The Housing Association want to sell it off because of the cost of bringing it back into use.

We have thousands of people on the housing list, but Lorna Lodge is empty. Great Places made the point that south Manchester is not a priority for council investment in social housing, despite the waiting lists being longer in south Manchester and private rented housing being less affordable. Rehousing is the most raised issue in my surgeries, week in, week out. It’s about time that is was made a priority.

2 responses to “Lorna Lodge and Social Housing Shortages

  1. This is an issue Labour repeatedly refuse to touch on and has been one of their many failures after 13 years in power. I’m glad John has taken the time to lobby for more social housing in the area.

  2. Too right, Bob.

    I won’t get cynical about why our labour Council won’t invest in south Manchester, but there is something like 22,000 names on the housing waiting list and a big chunk will want south Manchester addresses.

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