The Perils of Planning!

This morning I met with people from Didsbury Baptist Church and the Planning Department to discuss the church’s plans to build a small extension to the School Lane side of the church. At the moment the building looks fairly bleak from School Lane, and the plans could not be considered to be an overdevelopment, and would certainly be a massive improvement. Unfortunately the planners aren’t too happy with the proposals. I hope that we can resolve this problem, because the proposed changes make a lot of sense.

One response to “The Perils of Planning!

  1. Many thanks for attending the meeting and your thoughtful comments.
    Didsbury Baptist Church has spent many years raising funds for this project, and much thought has gone into getting the maximum amount of improvement from limited funds. Many in the church were quite surprised at the objection raised by planners. The proposed extension will cover up some poor quality brickwork. It was only there because the original project 110 years ago ran out of money, so the additional rooms were never built. You can still see the doorways.Instead there were built two wooden vestries that partially block out the light from the windows to the side.
    It is worth pointing out that for every person that attends on a Sunday Morning, there are three or four who attend other groups, such as Playstation (after-school club), Marion Scott Playgroup, yoga, drama classes, as well as other groups.
    One such event is the Nick Holmes Band on 26th Feb at 19.15 – A chance to experience the excellent acoustics in the building. See

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