Brussels and the Transport Select Committee

In my capacity as Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson I was invited to Brussels with the Transport Select Committee and spent Tuesday and yesterday afternoon there.  We had a number of productive meetings, including one with Brian Simpson, the Labour MEP for the North West, and Chairman of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament.  We also met with the soon to be Transport Commissioner, and the Ambassador.

It was a very useful two days, discussing a wide range of issues from ports to aviation and rail to road pricing.

We also discussed the contraversial new full body scanners that have been introduced at Manchester Airport with the EU Transport Commisioner who didn’t seem overly keen on the full body scanners and expressed concern that there wasn’t a European wide agreed approcach.

There are certainly lessons that we can learn here in Manchester and I will ensure that these are fed back.

One response to “Brussels and the Transport Select Committee

  1. One trick to learn from Brussels regarding transport is their integrated metro/ tram system. Even as far back as 1992 they had “11 trips for the price of 10 tickets” which could be bought in many shops as well as at stations. These, when date- and time-stamped on the machine by the door on a metro or tram, allowed you to get a free ride if swapping between vehicles within one hour.
    There were also squads of inspectors who were occasionally on duty. Fines were heavy and the netting of a miscreant provided entertainment for passengers in possession of valid tickets.

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