St Werburgh’s Metrolink Stop

This morning Cllr Norman Lewis and I attended a meeting with the traffic department to discuss parking issues around the proposed metrolink stop at St Werburgh’s Church. As there were changes to the proposed stop and planning permission had to be sought, £40,000 was allocated to help address parking problems associated with the new stop, through a s106 agreement.
In terms of traffic regulation orders or residents’ parking you don’t get a lot for £40,000, and at this stage nobody is sure exactly what extra parked cars the stop will generate, or which local streets will be affected.
There is certainly concern from residents on Sandy Lane and Corkland Road, and the roads off these two roads, as well as along Nell Lane, Caddington Road and Elladene Park. Across the constituency boundary, there is also concern about the impact on parking near to the shops on Egerton Road South (particularly outside the Post Office). Residents are to be consulted, but whether the money will be sufficient to introduce a suitable scheme remains to be seen.

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