Prayer Breakfast & Nell Lane Clean-Up

Nell Lane clean up with local resident Dave Donnovan, Cllr Norman Lewis and Cllr Bernie Ryan

First thing this morning I was off to St James’ for the constituency prayer breakfast. These events are held every few months at a different church around the Constituency. Today was the turn of St James’, and Nick Bundock had the opportunity to let us know about the work going on at St James and around the wider Didsbury Community.
After the prayer breakfast I went to join the Lib Dem Councillors in Chorlton Park for the Nell Lane clean-up. We’ve been doing these clean-ups for about 15 years, and once again we managed to remove 20 odd tonnes of rubbish from Nell Lane, Weller Ave and Houghend. The clean ups really help to cut down on fly-tipping in the area.
Thanks go to Ian, Dave and Andy for their help, as well as the two guys from the Council who had to work on a Saturday!

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