NHS Cuts

This morning I was at a meeting of the Associate Parliamentary Health Group for a discussion about the the financial challenges facing the NHS. Sir David Nicholson, the Chief Executive of the NHS has recently highlighted the need to find “efficiency savings” of between £15-£20 billion, (which equates to about £1 billion in Greater Manchester).

I was shocked to hear members of the panel, including the Acting Chair of the Care Quality Commission, arguing that politicians should take “tough decisions” and support the closure of frontline services – whether it be A&E departments or walk-in centres or even hospitals! I’m all for cutting the ridiculous costs involved in a new IT system, but not cutting vital local health services.
I will certainly NOT be supporting the closure frontline services. Unlike the Labour Party I didn’t stay silent when Manchester PCT decided to close Burnage walk-in centre at the end of last year; nor did I stay silent when the Strategic Health Authority reviewed services at the Christie before the last election and doctors raised concern about the impact this would have on the future of The Christie.
People in South Manchester can be assured that any attempt to cut further frontline services in South Manchester will be vigourously opposed by me.

For more on the NHS cuts, see the following links articles:

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One response to “NHS Cuts

  1. I am not alone in my veiws about NHS cuts/reorganisation. Whilst no organisation can stand still for ever, changes need the agreement of the people who pay for and use the NHS. A very high proportion of those on the various committees formulating changes should be members of the public. The one measure I believe needs to be implemented urgently is to stop automatic treatmenton for those whose conditions are self inflicted. Any treatment offered should be subject to means testing at thevery least. The rest of us canot afford to pay for over indulgent habits.

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