Chorlton Leisure Centre Revamp

With Cllr Paul Ankers and Victor Chamberlain outside Chorlton Leisure Centre

Chorlton Leisure Centre has been given a face-lift as part of a city-wide programme of improvements across lesire facilites in Manchester. Improvements were made to upgrade the sqash courts, refurbish the health and fitness suite and install a new filtration system for the pool; amazingly the old filtration system had not been working effectively for 15 years!
The Leisure Centre, built in 1929, is one of the oldest in Manchester but has been left behind by this Labour council.
Cllr Paul Ankers called for a report on the state of Manchester Leisure Centres last year and as a result secured significant investment for Chorlton Lesire Centre. The report also concluded that Chorlton Leisure Centre was ‘in the lowest quartile for customer satisfaction’

The Chorlton Leisure centre has been subject to a number of complaints recieved from concerned residents addressed both to me and Chorlton Lib Dems.
Victor Chamberlain & Cllr Paul Ankers have been working very hard alongsige me campaigning to give Chorlton the Leisure Centre it deserves. We carried out a number of surveys and voiced the concerns of local residents.

The recent investment did see a great deal of money spent of the centre but much of the work carried out was essential repairs. This recent investment in the Leisure Centre is certainly welcome however we feel it is not enough and Chorlton needs a proper Leisure Centre for the 21st Century.

2 responses to “Chorlton Leisure Centre Revamp

  1. on saturdays there is swimming for ladies only from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and we were told that no boys will be coming because we complained before. But now women are bringing boys and no one is preventing them from going with the womens and im not pleased with ‘life guards’ because we’ve been told that boys over 5 cant come but thats not right boys over 5 are coming, and even still its not nice at all to swim with boys at all.

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