Visit to the Christie Cancer Centre at Oldham

John Leech and Christie Finance Director Ian Moston at the entrance to the new radiotherapy centre in Oldham

A new radiotherapy centre is opening at Oldham on Tuesday. It will bring cancer treatment services and researchers to the area, where people previously had to make the long and arduous journey to Withington.

I went to visit the centre this morning and was taken on a tour of the facility by the staff there. I was really pleased to see all the new equipment set up and that the centre has been completed both on time and even under budget!

World class cancer treatment and research will now be available there, where up to 70 patients can be treated every day. This will supplement the approximately 400 patients treated in the main Christie site in Withington.

It was really satisfying to see everything progressing so smoothly there. This centre, as the first in a network of satellite radiotherapy centres, is exactly how The Christie envisaged their expansion. I am delighted to have been able to support their efforts over the last five years and to see the vision finally come to fruition.

The investment in further radiotherapy centres around Greater Manchester will mean that more patients will be able to be treated. With this, the standard of treatment, research and experience of scientists will advance from strength to strength.

John Leech being shown the radiation monitoring tags that radiotherapy staff wear

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