Police force comes under fire

I was disappointed to see the results of the national report published by the police inspectorate at the end of last week, which ranked Greater Manchester Police alongside Notthinghamshire and Lincolnshire as the lowest-performing of all 43 police forces in the country.

Particularly concerning was the fact the force was rated as ‘poor’ in crucial areas such as ‘solving crimes’ and ‘public confidence’. This is in addition to the recent news that the GMP is planning to cut the number of officers, and criticism in another report that highlighted the lack of strategic planning for policing in the region.

While there is no question that local police officers here in South Manchester do a brilliant job in helping to keeping people safe across Greater Manchester, the organisation itself faces serious questions as to whether it provides police officers with the appropriate support that they need to do their jobs. GMP has been starved of the money it needs to police our streets – that’s why the Lib Dems have pledged to put an extra 3000 police officers on our streets nationwide.

For more on the GMP’s recent problems, see the following links:

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One response to “Police force comes under fire

  1. Manchester Lib Dem councillor Jackie Pearcey has made a good point about the police funding formula, which stops GMP getting the money they need to tackle Manchester crime!

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