WWF Earth Hour – 20:30 Saturday 27th March

I attended a WWF Earth Hour event a while ago to learn more about the campaign which highlights efforts to tackle climate change.

Here is a description of the event from the Earth Hour website .

“In 2009 hundreds of millions of people around the world showed their support by turning off their lights for one hour.

Earth Hour 2010 will continue to be a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community. A call to stand up, to show leadership and be responsible for our future.

Whether you are an individual, a business, a school or a city, you can show your support for Earth Hour by turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27 wherever you are on the planet.”

John Leech shows his support for the WWF's campaign to highlight efforts to tackle climate change

2 responses to “WWF Earth Hour – 20:30 Saturday 27th March

  1. I shudder just thinking of the carbon footprint from that lightbulb!
    Earth Hour means no Casualty or Ant & Decs Push The Button. I will be backing it times three….

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