Iggy the Labrador – Found with the use of a Micro-chip!

John Leech MP with rescue dog Jessica

Today I saw a truly heart-warming story that was reported in last week’s M.E.N. The story regards one Iggy the Labrador and a very special return!

Iggy, who belongs to the Howard family from Balladen, Rawtenstall, disappeared back in August 2005, leaving his owners dismayed.

They were overjoyed, however, when their beloved pet was discovered a 130 miles away in Leicester and returned home after a five year absence. This was due in no small part to the fact that Iggy had been micro-chipped.

I can’t think of a better case to show the importance of introducing micro-chipping for dogs. Last year, I took part in The Dog Trust’s campaign to help highlight the importance of micro-chipping dogs and the importance it can play in helping to reunite lost dogs with their owners.
It really hits home when you see a story like this with a missing dog returning home after five years all because his owners had fitted him with a micro-chip and the person who found him took him to a vet where the microchip was found.
I hope stories like this encourage more people to fit their pets with microchips to increase their chance of being reunited with their owners.

You can read the full story on the MEN website here:
John Leech MP Joins chipping campaign

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