Men’s Fitness FitBrit Challenge!

This morning I took part in the FitBrit Challenge for Men’s Fitness Magazine.

The Challenge was devised by experts at Men’s Fitness and FitnessFirst Gyms to test all areas of fitness: speed, cardio endurance, upper and lower body strength, explosive power and core stability using eight challenges.

The challenge (for men) consists of: Rowing (500m); Seated Shoulder Press (20kg, 30 reps); Bunny Hops (30 reps); Bike (3km); Bench Press (20kg, 30 reps); Box Jumps (30); Squat (20kg barbell, 30 reps); Run (1km).

The clock starts when you begin the first stroke of the row and you compete to be fastest to get through all eight stages. All the results are entered into the Men’s Fitness leader-board.

Last year over 3,000 people took part in the challenge and this year  an MP from each of the three main parties were invited to take part. I went along to represent the Liberal Democrats.

FitBrit is the country’s biggest gym challenge; I really enjoyed it, although it did show me I’ve got a fair bit of work to get back to full fitness!

The lives people lead nowadays are stressful and I took part because I wanted to highlight the importance of getting out and about. Even mild or moderate activity will help prevent a range of diseases and complications in later life.

I invite you to take up the challenge and see if you can beat my modest time of 23 mins!

Full details about the challenge can be found here.

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