Pedals and Pumps Tour!

With an average of 39 pubs closing a week, I was glad to hear of the work that former pop star Paul Heaton is doing to raise awareness of their plight.

Paul is going to embark on a “Pedals and Pumps” tour, raising awareness not only of the declining pub trade but also of the health benefits of cycling.
I find it saddening that an integral part of our culture is going through such a hard time, but was so pleased to hear of Paul’s plans that I decided to raise the issue in an early day motion in Parliament. By doing so the House of Commons both recognises the decline of British Pubs as “alarming” and applauds the former Beautiful South front man in highlighting their plight.
I’d like to wish Paul the best of luck on his tour and hope it raises awareness in both areas it aims to do so.

You can find out more about the Back the Pub campaign I’m supporting here: 

The EDM can be found here:

3 responses to “Pedals and Pumps Tour!

  1. This is great that you are supporting this campaign John.
    It saddens me greatly when I see pubs closing left, right and centre across Manchester and beyond.
    Keep up the good work John.
    You have my vote in May.

  2. Hey John! I’m with you on this one ;o)
    Beer and cycling. Great combination :o) !
    Seriously: if you want anyone to join you on a bike for an anti-pubs-closing protest, I’m your man, so to speak. I even joined CAMRA on Saturday! Thought it was about time.
    Nice to see you supporting something so close to my heart :o)
    See you! W.

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