The Alan Beswick Show Wednesday morning

BBC Radio Manchester 95.1FM

On Wednesday morning  I was interviewed by Alan Beswick on his BBC Radio Manchester show.  He was doing a piece on the Manchester Withington seat featuring myself, the Conservative and Labour candidate for the following election.

You can hear each interview by clicking on the link below:

John Leech MP interview on Alan Beswick show, BBC Radio Manchester

Labour parliamentary candidate interview on the Alan Beswick Show BBC Radio Manchester

Conservative parliamentary candidate interview on the Alan Beswick Show BBC Radio Manchester

During the interview we talked about what will be the deciding factor on May 6th, and as I have stated before I feel the next election will be judged on who will stand up to protect local services.  I stand by my record of action fighting for south Manchester over the last five years.

My three election pledges are:
1. Protecting local services against cuts, it is vital our valuable local services are maintained and protected.
2. Fighting to get Manchester’s £82 million back , that should have been invested in the police to get us more bobbies on the beat
3. Fairness Agenda, four key themes:

  • Fair taxes: We will ensure no-one pays income tax on the first £10,000 they earn. 3.6m low-income workers and pensioners will be freed from paying income tax and millions more will have a tax cut of £700 a year. We’ll pay for it by closing loopholes that unfairly benefit the rich, a new tax on mansions worth over £2m, and ensuring polluters pay for the damage they cause.
  • A fair start for all our children: We will get every child the individual attention they need by cutting class sizes. We will spend an extra £2.5bn on schools, targeted at children who need the most help. The average primary school could cut class sizes to 20. An average secondary school could see classes of just 16.  At University level we will scrap tuition fees.
  • A fair future: a rebalanced, green economy: We will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs with a £3.5bn green stimulus and job creation plan in our first year in government, fully funded by cut backs elsewhere. We will break up the banks and rebalance the economy away from unsustainable financial speculation. And we will be honest about where savings must be made in government spending to balance the books and protect our children’s future.
  • A fair deal from politicians: We will introduce a fair voting system to end safe seats and make all MPs listen to people. We will ensure corrupt MPs can be sacked by their constituents and stop non-doms from donating to parties or sitting in Parliament. We will take power from Westminster and give it to councils and communities, with local power over police and the NHS
  • The full show can be listened to hear: on the BBC iPlayer

    5 responses to “The Alan Beswick Show Wednesday morning

    1. you really are deluded if you think you are going to win this time. Tee hee hee.

      By the way I am anon as I know about your history of threatening anyone who challenges you, and i really cant be bothered.

      • One of the worst bits of politics at the present time is the making of false and unfounded accusations against one’s political opponents. Anon, you are but a poor and extreme reflection of the Labour spin doctors. In your case, the comment is not just malliciouly false, but potentially libellous.

        By the way, if you really believe that John Leech is deluded in his belief that he will win, I suggest you bet on it. Ladbrokes give 13/8 for a Labour win against 4/9 for John Leech.
        Wait a few days and you will get better value on your Labour bet, as the extent of the debt crisis due to Labour’s incompetance becomes apparent. By my reckoning, half the National Debt in 2014 will be due to Gordon Brown’s spin. Even with constant interest rates, the cost of interest on this debt £30bn will be equivalent to the cost of 30,000 GPs, a third of a million nurses AND a third of a million teachers.

      • for ‘By the way I am anon as I know about your history of threatening anyone who challenges you, and i really cant be bothered’ read ‘I am too cowardly to admit that you are actually a damn find candidate with a cracking record as an MP and but I don’t have the guts to admit it so I have to resort to anonomous comments like this.’

    2. Mr Leech,

      This is not necessarily related to your post but I am interested to ask anyway.

      In the new parliament, Chairmanship and membership of Commons Select Committees will be decided by secret votes amongst MPs.

      How do you think this is likely to impact upon the behaviour of select committees in relation to the ‘departments’ they shadow? I ask since I understand you are a member of the Transport Committee.

    3. Foijunkie – I think it’s difficult to say at the moment. It could result in Select Committees being more hostile to the Government of the day, although several departments have come in for a fair bit of criticism in the last 5 years from their Select Committee under the existing system. A lot will depend on how independent the SCs end up being. Only time will tell.

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