A lively student debate at UMSU

With James Dixon, Chair of Manchester Debating Union; Laura Williams, UMSU Campaigns Officer; & Velida Pudic, Secretary of Politics Society

A big thank you to our hosts at the University of Manchester on Monday, who set the scene for an excellent debate between several Parliamentary candidates for Manchester and the many students who came along to quiz us.

Joining me on the panel were Conservative Chris Green and UKIP candidate Robert Gutfreund-Walmsley – both candidates for Manchester Withington – , Green candidate for Manchester Central Gayle O’Donovan, and Trade Unionist and Socialist candidate for Manchester Gorton Karen Reissman. We were missing one piece of the jigsaw though – a Labour party representative! Labour’s candidate for Manchester Withington declined the invitation due to diary commitments, but unfortunately no other Labour representative came along to take her place.

The students I met had a lot of interesting ideas and questions about Manchester in general, and the UK as a whole. I really enjoyed the debate, and hopefully we gave everyone attending some food for thought ahead of May 6.


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