World Cup Build Up! UKPFC 3 USA Embassy 4

UKPFC v USA Embassy, Perks Field, June 2010.

This morning the Parliamentary Football team played against the USA Embassy as a precursor to the England v USA world cup game at the weekend. We had half a dozen new MPs playings, and a number of promising debuts.

After taking a 2-0 first-half lead with a couple of goals from me, we gave a soft goal away in the first minute of the second half, courtesy of a Greg Mulholland own goal which was followed soon after by an equally soft second USA goal.

We went straight up the field and were awarded a penalty for hand-ball.  I scored my third of the morning, only for it to be cancelled out by another USA equaliser.
Unfortunately Alan Whitehead, the Southampton Labour MP was injured during the goal (broken finger), and had to go to hospital. We was replaced in goal by Ian Lucas, who narrowly failed to keep a clean sheet late on in the game.

We were robbed! Let’s hope that England’s defending is significantly better than ours!

3 responses to “World Cup Build Up! UKPFC 3 USA Embassy 4

  1. Unlucky John, hopefully this will not be the result on Saturday.
    I reckon we get you upfront with Rooney instead of Heskey. You could be our Gary Lineker. Not much pace, but a fox in the box…

  2. Not sure about that, but I wouldn’t personally play Heskey. I would play Rooney on his own up front, with Gerrard just behind him, and in front of the midfield. I’ve never understood what successive England managers have seen in Heskey, but I suppose that’s why they get paid lots of money to manage the England team and I don’t!

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