Buckingham Bingo – Planning Application

I was very disappointed when Buckingham Bingo closed at the Parrswood Entertainment Centre.
I have always been a bit of a fan of Bingo, although I never win, and the bingo hall fitted in with the rest of the family entertainment at Parrswod.
Some time ago we successfully fought plans to have a casino on the site, and i’m disappointed to say that in the last couple of days I’ve received a letter confirming plans to convert Buckingham Bingo into a casino. Given the family nature of the complex and the close proximity of Parrswood School I’m not convinced that this is a good idea.
Rank Group, who are putting forward the plans, point to the 120 jobs which would be created at a time of high unemployment. Is this what we need in South Manchester?
I would be keen to hear your views.
Local people will have a chance to see the plans and to comment before a planning application is submited at The Waterside Hotel (known as the Galleon), Manchester Road, Didsbury at the following times

Friday 16th July 1pm-8pm
Saturday 17th July 10am-5pm
Frday 30th July 1pm-8pm
Saturday 31st July 10am-5pm

8 responses to “Buckingham Bingo – Planning Application

  1. I must say I’m not overly enamoured with the idea. The local area is heavily centred towards family and I feel a casino does not fit into that image.

    Surely the casino in the City Centre is sufficient for Manchester’s gambling needs?

  2. It’s a rotten idea. I was dismayed when I got Rank’s leaflet through my door. I’m as liberal as they come, but a casino next to a school? As Tim Vine would sing: “alarm bells! alarm bells!”

  3. Ok, it’s next to a school, but you have to be over 18 to gamble. It won’t be as if kids will be popping in on their lunch break to play some craps. And as for the area being family-orientated – well, the Parrs Wood I visit in the evening tends to be populated mainly by adults.

  4. Having a casino in any populated resedential area is always going to cause concern, however, if buckingham had been granted the split casino / bingo application then the place would still be open, what makes ranks application different??

  5. Casinos these days are not populated by crooks and thugs and stringent measures must be taken to protect the young and vulnerable.

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