National Breastfeeding Week

John Leech MP signing up to the Breastfeeding manifesto

This afternoon I attended an event marking the start of National Breastfeeding Week and promoting the Breastfeeding Manifesto. Breastfeeding plays such an important part in a baby’s development, and yet Britain has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding mothers in Europe. It is not only important in helping create the emotional and physical bond between mother and baby, but also has proven health benefits: children who are breastfed are less likely to get infections and visit hospital, whilst it also reduces the risks of breast and ovarian cancer in the mother.

Unfortunately, we have in Britain a bottle-feeding culture where new mothers either aren’t aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, or are worried about doing it in public. This culture needs to change. Mothers returning to work also find it difficult to continue breastfeeding and the Breastfeeding Manifesto looks to provide businesses with guidance on how best to accommodate mothers who wish to breastfeed.

One response to “National Breastfeeding Week

  1. Dear Mr Leech, congratulations on your (re)election to parliament. I’m delighted to see your support for breastfeeding. I hope you will add your voice to the many calling on the government to implement the WHO code of marketing, so that adverts for all breastmilk substitutes get banned. Formula companies are responsible for most of the low rates we have in the UK, especially as the medical profession takes money from them. Many women are given little support and much wrong info from doctors and other health workers, and give up long before they wanted to.

    Alison Blenkinsop, author of Fit to Bust

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