Energy Saving Trust’s new Water Energy Calculator

I recently became aware of the Energy Saving Trust’s new Water Energy Calculator, and it has been a real eye opener as to just how much water is wasted in our daily lives.
The Water Energy Calculator has been designed to demonstrate to people the amount of energy and water that is being wasted in their households, and how much money they could save by making some simple water efficiency changes.
When we ran the calculator for the office here in Didsbury, we got some useful tips from it on how we can be saving water. Many of them are simply common sense, but when you see exactly how much they could save, it really does help you get into good habits.
In our case, the savings we could achieve are significant, running into the thousands of litres; with a constituency staff fuelled on cups of tea, the kettle doesn’t get much of a break! However, by only boiling as much water as we need, instead of filling it all the way to the top, we are making a big difference to our bills. Other simple things like taking that extra second to make sure the tap isn’t left dripping can also make a difference.
Water use has a significant impact on climate change, with nearly a quarter of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions coming as a result of our water use. It also hits us in the pocket, with the energy we use to heat water being responsible for around 30% of the annual average household gas bill – in the region of £200 a year each.
So why not take a look at the Water Energy Calculator and save some money whilst saving the planet!

8 responses to “Energy Saving Trust’s new Water Energy Calculator

  1. 1.) The eviction of the elderly from their council houses with reference to Duncan Smith’s announcement he intends relocate the elderly to alternative accommodation if their current accommodation is considered too large for them.

    2.) The withdrawal or reduction of incapacity benefit to the sick and disabled, including the terminally ill, if they are deemed to be capable of any form of employment.
    … See More
    3.) Punishment of the unemployed by a reduction of their housing benefit and eviction from social housing.

    4.) The reduction of Local Housing Allowance in housing benefit assessments.

    5.) A 25% reduction in funding to government departments, with the exception of NHS and foreign aid, and, subsequent, anticipated redundancies of public sector employees.

    6.) A 20% valid added tax to be applied without discretion to multi millionaires and the unemployed.

    7.) A reduction in the corporation tax of banks and a pathetic of 0.4-0.7% bank levy which combined only serve to reduce taxation of the banks who have received £850 billion of tax revenue in the past two years.

    The Liberal Democrats are a f **king disgrace.

  2. No comment yet on the Budget John? Why not? Could it be that you are even slightly ashamed of what your leadership have done? Please do tell, it might even make me dislike you slightly less if you have the guts to come out and admit that what Clegg has done is a disgrace to the Lib Dem party, principles and policies as well as a betrayal of all those who VOTED FOR YOU ON THE BASIS OF YOUR MANIFESTO PROMISES. Remember them?

  3. So disgruntled yet so anonymous.

    What’s the point of a liberal agenda if soon we won’t even own the shirts on our backs?

    Liberal Democrats don’t go into government wanting to cut public spending, wanting to shrink the state, wanting to raise tax, least of all wanting to break election promises. But restoring our public finances to good order is a precondition to everything else the Liberal Democrats want to attain in politics- reinvigorating democracy, devolving power and spending decisions.

    It wasn’t Lib Dem ministers who went on a binge spending spree like a Beckham on crack while the ship floundered. But it is the Lib Dems now who are in the engine room, trying to sort it out, while those who got us into this mess (no finger pointing necessary – we know who ate all the pies) argue about the furniture layout on the sun deck.

    The Parliamentary Liberal Democrats are pragmatic and have foresight: you can’t advance a progressive agenda when you have a banana republic economy.

  4. Interesting. It would appear that “Disgruntled” has the same IP code (the little blue box on the top right of his / her post) as myself. As I am posting from a parliamentary computer, it would imply that someone on the parliamentary system is haranguing John for a post on the budget (when they could just email him).

    So come on, which MPs staffer is posting this stuff?

    • Sorry to disappoint you, I am just an ordinary constituent, who has watched the rise and rise of John Leech, and really did hope that his ultimate concern was the people of his constituency, and that he was not the self serving power grabbing hypocrite that he, and his party, have now been proven to be.

  5. Its also well worth having a go of the Home Energy Check on the Energy Saving Trust website. this free online caculator lets you see how much energy your home is using and how to improve it.

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