West Didsbury Floodlights

This morning the Planning Committee of Manchester City Council carried out a site visit at West Didsbury and Chorlton AFC, before this afternoon’s decision on whether floodlights will be allowed to be constructed.

Though the club’s application to join the North West Counties Football League for the 2010/11 season has already been rejected by the FA, they are pressing ahead with their planning application to erect six 49ft-high floodlights at their Brookburn Road ground.

The land is in the greenbelt, and the proposed floodlights also very close to the houses on Brookburn Road and particularly Meadowbank.

There were probably around 100 people there this morning, the vast majority opposed to the plans. We will have to wait and see what happens at 2pm!

3 responses to “West Didsbury Floodlights

  1. How do you mean “green belt” John? And when was this land real name “Hardy Farm” – which has been a farm, a dump, and properly appointed football pitches (UMIST) – renamed “Chorlton Meadows”?

    I hope that the Committee make the correct decision this afternoon. But I do wonder at the flexing of the facts employed in making what ought to be a relatively simple case against based on access, parking, and topography.

    Had the other application succeeded of course – for lights over a pitch at the other end of Hardy Farm – this one would probably not been brought forward.

    Whether you support this particular voluntary organisation in their efforts at health and well being and deflection and sport and so on or not the people who volunteer there (and at many other vol orgs) make heroic efforts to make things happen for their communities.

    I am quite saddened to hear some of the remarks passing for an argument from those opposed. The facts ought to be enough.

  2. I attended the opposition meeting against the proposed floodlights on the existing sports ground rear of Chorltonville this morning. There would only be about a dozen houses directly opposite proposed floodlights, and one of those occupants was in favour of the scheme. The majority of those attending this morning were quite elderly. The younger ones with youngsters, where do these youngsters play football,
    or do they?

    Come on, this is about property values, not wanting to be disturbed, and the fear of someone taking parking space from them.
    Ever heard of Live and Let Live?

  3. At last a vote for common sense in the days when so many councils are selling of dedicated football land thus depriving generations of children access to healthy sporting exercise. The lib dems should be ashamed of their selves for voting against this proposal. If any of them new the area well enough they would no that Hardy Fields are the old university football pitches that where left to overgrow when the university moved its pitches to the other side of the M60 over ten years ago. The land is dedicated sporting land and west Didsbury should be allowed to return it to its original function.

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