Floodlights Approved for West Didsbury Football Club

After the site visit at 11.30am earlier today, Councillors returned to the Town Hall to make a decision on the floodlights application made by West Didsbury and Chorlton AFC.

To recap, some of the key details surrounding this matter, the club had applied last year for an all-weather pitch, new main pitch and floodlights to be built on Chorlton Meadows/Hardy Farm. However last December, after the fantastic ‘Save Chorlton Meadows’ campaign, which was supported by thousands of local people who were also against the plans, the developers were forced to withdraw their application.

However another application was submitted, and this time it was for SIX 49ft-high floodlights on land that lies in a green belt. After this morning’s site visit (which was attended by around 100 local residents) councillors met at 2pm to make a final decision. Despite the hundreds of objections and comments from myself and local Councillors, the application was voted through by Labour Councillors 6 votes to 5. I am pleased to say that all the Lib Dems on the Committee voted against approval.
I firmly believe this application should have been refused – if a game goes to extra time and penalties the game cannot possibly finish by 10pm. When a similar application for floodlights came before the committee at Loreto High School the hours of use were restricted to 8pm because of the potential for disturbance of local residents.

5 responses to “Floodlights Approved for West Didsbury Football Club

  1. As I said earlier, football is a great way of keeping young lads (and girls and older players) off the streets and channelling their energy into constructive things. 10pm is not that late – especially if only occasionally. We need to be more tolerant I’d we’re going to tackle the issues we face as a society. Why not negotiate with the club for 7 pm kickoffs for instance? Find a way of bringing people together – NIMBYs aren’t welcome in the Big Society. Better football than another pub or betting shop after all.

    • There is a lot of bandying around of the word NIMBY; nobody would want 50ft lights in their back yard, and these will be close enough at 60ft away to be a real nuisance. Secondly, not all the pprotesters are local, just people who use the Meadows and don’t want the open nature of it spoilt. Thirdly, I like the beautiful game as much as anybody but I don’t agree that it would be “channelling their energy into constructive things” – even I have to admit that football engenders a sense of rivalry and a win-at-all-costs mentality: Not really too wonderful for your Big Society. And where are these kids hanging out on the streets? I don’t see any around Hardy Lane.

  2. The outcome is fair with regards to both sides/for and against the floodlights, as previously mentioned there should be negotiations re: start/finish time of matches. Football is one way that young people can express themselves and develop as athletes and good citizens, they must be encouraged and supported by us all. good luck to them

  3. I don’t think that the vast majority of residents will see the outcome as “fair”. I cartainly agree that there must be negotiations over the start time of matches, because a match starting at 7.45pm cannot possibly be guaranteed to finish by 10pm if there is extra time and penalties.
    It would be interesting to know whether the different leagues have rules on the starting time of evening matches.

  4. Ah feck off you bunch nimbys there a football team even at a lower level they bring income and publicty to Chorlton which in all honestly is a poor area why the hell do you think the bee gee’s moved at such a young age.

    Personally you should all get behind them or sell up and move you silly Nimby idiots. Well done Chorlton.

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