The water bottle for the future?

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Hanifa Choudhury, a local resident who has just started up a brand new company called Eco-Bottles Limited. Being aware of some of the dangers of reusing plastic bottles, mainly resulting from the chemicals used in manufacturing the plastic, and also conscious of the impact that consumption of bottled water has on the environment, Hanifa has come up with a superb idea to tackle both those issues.

Called the Eco Bottle, it’s made from 100% recycled materials and is completely free from ‘Bisphenol A’, a chemical used in normal plastic that can cause health complications from too much exposure to it.  Furthermore, it’s also dishwasher safe and comes with a life-long guarantee. Clearly a great idea to tackle the downsides of reusing plastic bottles, Hanifa’s product is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Already the East Manchester Academy have ordered 250 Eco Bottles for their students and I am aware that now one of the world’s largest multinational corporations is also considering buying Eco Bottles for its own employees. Hanifa’s product can be personalised to suit individual organisations and the scope for reducing the purchase of millions of plastic bottles to be replaced by reusable Eco Bottles is enormous.

For more information, do check out the Eco-Bottles Limited website at:

10 responses to “The water bottle for the future?

  1. Long time reader, first time caller…

    I think the product sounds like a fantastic idea.
    I wish more schools and organisations would take responsibility for there carbon footprint rather than expecting other people to do it.

    Targeting schools is a must in my eyes, if we train children on how to become eco friendly then it can only be a positive thing, right?

    Keep up the good work Hanifa… where can i get one of these bottles?

  2. Great idea, our organisation manufactures energy saving building controls so being eco-friendly is big in our culture.

    We waste hundreds of plastic bottles each year which I’m sure is adding to the landfill problems we’re seeing.

    Every school and organisation should have these.

  3. I agree with all the above comments; we need to start being more conscious of our actions and this is a great way of doing just that.
    How many people do we see – at the gym, in the work place, out and about – that could be actively reducing the carbon-footprint we are making. We need to stop the ignorance and start taking responsibility. Well done Hanifa!
    As Ahmed says, where can I get one of these from?!

  4. I would agree however Hanifa has not gone far enough this idea has not really taken off….
    Not sure whether he is not motivated or requires more thought than a quick idea
    Busting challenge at a university. I am an entrpeneaur and would have invested in this however I have followed the slow pace undortunatly I think this was another waste of time. I am dissappointed as I personally met with Hanifa I thought it was a good idea however may be if he put more time on this this than other commitments this would be gaining momentum… At the moment it hasn’t worked . Where can you get similiar products –
    Try your local marks and Spencer
    Or Asda. It would also be a good idea if our mp would not waste time in business interests of others.

    • I met Hanifa about this unfortunately I agree he wasted my time… Promised lots delivered nothing ….
      What a waste of

      • Hi Mark

        Who are you? I don’t think we have met and I can’t see how I wasted your time?


  5. Initially sounded like a good idea but after meeting Hanifa its clear that not even he believes in being environmentally friendly? agree with Mark this is a time waste

      • We met at Manchester Hilton. You discusses Eco bottles, it was a waste of time as you were looking for funding? You may recall if you look up your emails you will see our correspondence.

        In any event as I told you then and again now We are not interested in any funding requirement you might want to look at banks.

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