Metrolink: East Didsbury UPDATE

John Leech MP, Cllr Keith Whitmore, Cllr Victor Chamberlain and Cllr Paul Ankers at a recent visit to the Metrolink site

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be attending a drop-in session for residents in East Didsbury to be updated on plans for the re-routing of the trans-penine trail and Metrolink extension and how they hope to accommodate both in the old railway cutting. This will be a chance for residents to comment on the plans and to raise any concerns they may have. The event is taking place in the main hall of Parrs Wood High School from 4-7pm tomorrow if you want to go along.

2 responses to “Metrolink: East Didsbury UPDATE

  1. At a very well attended meeting last evening 13th September representatives of GMPTE attended a meeting called by residents of Kingsfield Drive. Strong opposition was expressed at the plans to site the TPT in a location that directly puts at risk the security and safety of residents of Kingsfield Drive. The two criteria put forward by the representatives of the metro link company to resite the TPT were.
    1/ It is the easiest from an engineering perspective.
    2/ It is the cheapest solution from a budgetary perspective.
    This is a publically funded organisation. A private company adopting this same criteria to make decisions affecting people would be derided. The Metro link extension must consider the whole enviromental impacts and will not be allowed to ride rough shod over the legitimate concerns of residents and other stakeholders in the pursuit of saving cash.

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