Fairbridge – Supporting Inner City Youth

John Leech on his recent visit to Fairbridge

Yesterday  afternoon I took some time out to visit Fairbridge to see at first hand the work it does with disengaged 13-25 year olds in Greater Manchester. Fairbridge aim to improve the lives of inner city youth, helping them achieve their true potential, whether that be returning to education, training, gaining employment or securing housing.

Fairbridge take an invaluable approach to identify the skills or areas each young person needs to improve or develop and in turn create a bespoke programme of challenging activities for them. These activities are then run in parallel with one-to-one support sessions to ensure they receive ongoing support.

During the visit I held a question and answer session with a number of young people who posed a number of challenging questions on a whole host of subjects from homelessness to university funding and tuition fees. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to meet young people on the programme who have clearly benefited from the help and support that they have received at Fairbridge.

The visit provided a great opportunity to see and hear about how young people are getting the chance to learn how to cope and make positive choices for themselves, building their confidence and self-esteem.

For more information about Fairbridge you can check out their website here:

One response to “Fairbridge – Supporting Inner City Youth

  1. The work that Fairbridge does is invaluable. However, if you support their values and core activities as essential, how do you justify your governments intention to

    1.Cut benefits and support to this client base?
    2.Cut funding streams that support this type of Organisation?

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