Lord Prescott for Labour Party Treasurer?

I see that the recently appointed Lord, (John) Prescott is campaigning to become Labour Party Treasurer. He is quoted by the BBC as saying that “The treasurer has got to say to the central body, you cannot keep on spending, we haven’t got it”. He has even talked about the possibility of the Labour Party going bankrupt. 
But at least the party has been consistent – they have almost bankrupted the country by spending money we didn’t have, and they have almost bankrupted themselves by spending money on the election that they didn’t raise!

 This consistency doesn’t seem to go as far as Lord Prescott. While he may be preaching austerity for the party, his comments  contrast sharply with his comments about the Government – he’s been critical of the Coalition Government trying to balance the books, opposing every spending cut. So what is it to be Lord Prescott? Austerity or splashing the cash? You can’t have it both ways. But of course you can in opposition. Yes, you will have to cut spending in the Labour Party because you have to deal with the financial crisis facing the Labour Party, but when it comes to the economic deficit and the national debt – well that’s someone else’s problem.
So you can continue to play partisan politics, say how terrible the Government is and blame the Lib Dems.

4 responses to “Lord Prescott for Labour Party Treasurer?

  1. I understand that Labour raised more for the last election than was spent. Prezza is not a detail man.

    But this post is mediocre, confused twaddle. As the IFS have reminded us today it is the poor that will suffer because of the measures you are supporting John.

    The part of the budget introduced by the ConDems as opposed to inherited from Labour is horrendously regressive.

    Despite a mantra of feigned necessity we all know that Labour’s measures were already moving the public finances and the economy in the right direction. And we all know that the balance between tax and cuts and the timetable for corrective action is entirely discretionary.

    Why why why are you lining up and casting your vote with right wing Tories on a budget and an approach which is everything to do with reducing non-profit delivery of public services and increasing private profit?

    The Government’s overall approval rating has fallen by some 14% into negative 2% over the past eight weeks. Make no mistake John this is a Tory government which you and your chums are propping up for next to no return to Liberal Democracy.

    You are going to be knifed on voting reform, you are getting rid of iD cards only because it was Tory policy too, you will not get Trident reviewed never mind stopped, irresponsible landlords will go unregulated, housing benefits recipients will be savaged, and there will be job losses and negative multipliers in all parts of the economy.

    This is NOT what the people of Manchester Withington voted for in May. NOT ONE BIT.

    • This reply from Chris Paul is typical of the mantra being put out by the ‘defecit deniers’, the delusion that New Labour’s policies were moving the public finances and economy in the right direction. To make such a declaration is to conveniently ignore the fact that we are part of a world economy that is currently braced for the possibility of a double-dip recession.

      To reconfigure the welfare state on the basis that there would be a permanent ‘boom’ to pay for it all was to make our poorest and most vulnerable citizens hostages to fortune. To believe that ‘there would be no more boom and bust’ when we had no control of those major ‘world economies’ that impact on our fortunes has proved to have been one of the most foolish sentiments of our times. A sentiment compounded by the failure to make any provision whatsoever for the maintenance of the welfare state during lean times.

      A welfare state (like a political party) can only survive if its finances are in order. To leave our welfare state unprepared and exposed to the caprice of the markets, as New Labour did, revealed a misplaced faith in the financial markets and an incredibly naive appreciation of money that appears to have been mirrored in the management of its own finances.

      To laud Lord Prescott as ‘plain speaking’ when he attacks the proposals from the Coalition to get the country’s finances back in order, but to dismiss him as ‘not a detail man’ when he talks about righting his parties financial woes, just about sums up everything that went wrong with New Labour’s administration.

  2. The lib dens are finished in Manchester. Wait for the local elections. GE will be 2012 the latest you will get what you deserve for hitching up with this Tory Government. You have no morals as a party and you have betrayed so so many people. Bye bye

    • I would suggest that a supporter of any party that tricked the country into declaring an illegal war, that betrayed so many people and cost tens of thousands of lives, has lost the right to pontificate on morality.

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