Bangladesh Day 2

I thought that I was going to get away with no jetlag until I slept for 2 hours and was then wide awake from 130am until 630am! Having then got back to sleep I had to get up at 745!

The day began with a pick up from the VSO flat and the short journey to the VSO office where I met with the rest of the VSO staff including the head of VSO in Bangladesh. I was given a brief outline of the political system and then a briefing on the VSO work across the whole country.

After a lunch of rice and daal (and chips!)  We set off on the long journey to Khulna. This includes a ferry crossing over the river and a warning from one of my companions that these ferries occasionally sink, killing everyone on board. Very reassuring! We’re now back on the road  dodging chickens, goats, cyclists and packed out buses.

Four hours later I have arrived in Khulna. Tomorrow morning I will meet the project team at SAFE, which is just round the corner from the hotel. It seems like it’s taken a age to get here.

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