Bangladesh Day 5

Not quite getting the hang of the nets!

Friday in Bangladesh is the weekend, and so this morning I was taken on a site-seeing tour of the local area. During the visit I was also given a chance to try my hand at fishing with a net. I have to confess that I was rubbish at it, and while the expert fisherman managed to catch several fish in one net and a number of shrimp, I managed one tiny fish which would not have looked out of place in a goldfish bowl.

The monster fish I caught!

In the afternoon I was taken to visit the Rupantar project. This was founded in 1992 as a cultural group to promote social welfare, and translated means “transformation”. The organisation has evolved into a well established NGO committed to establishing democracy and good governance, promoting human rights and protecting the environment. Working in communties with high levels of illiteracy and poor education, it achieves its aim through song and dance. I was given the chance to see one of the programmes which included a song about the climate change and the devastating impact of flooding.

Later on I had the chance to meeting up with a couple of the VSO volunteers and to talk about their work and understand how they integrate into local projects and add value to the work being carried out locally.

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