One response to “Letter from Cllr Lianne Williams

  1. And to help people using screen readers etc.:

    “We’re acting over residents’ concerns”

    In response to Andrew Simcock’s letter in last week’s South Manchester Reporter, I would like to correct a misleading impression that the consultation that the elected Didsbury councillors are currently carrying out with residents and shopkeepers is somehow a party political stunt.

    In fact we are working closely with community groups, traders and residents to ensure we carry out an effective consultation as elected representatives.

    Following a number of concerns directly communicated to us by local residents and shopkeepers, we decided to consult widely with the community to establish their views and wishes, especially so we can have a clear idea how the viability of the village as a shopping centre can best be continued.

    As elected members for the two Didsbury wards we believe it is vital to find out these view and not assume one way or another how the market has been received by all of Didsbury.

    The Didsbury councillors would therefore be grateful if any Didsbury residents would email any comments they may have to or post them to me at 10 Crossway, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TT or the town hall.

    The results of our consultation will go towards deciding whether or not the market continues, so please do get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

    Councillor Lianne Williams
    Lib Dem Councillor for Didsbury West

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