Questions and Answer Session tomorrow!

I am giving a short talk on my views on the future of the coalition government this Friday the 15th of October at the University of Manchester for Liberal Youth. The talk will be followed by a Q&A with the students so please do not hesitate to use this opportunity to discuss issues you find important.

For anyone who would like to attend, just show up at 5.30pm to the Manchester University Students Union building, meeting room 4, which is situated in the basement. If you are unable to take part in the event it is also possible to send in your questions for the discussion.

To send in your questions simply email Mo Saqib ( (Chair, Liberal Youth Manchester) and they will be answered during the event and the answers posted on here after the event.

Hoping to see you on Friday!

8 responses to “Questions and Answer Session tomorrow!

  1. At the full council on Wednesday I condemed the 3100 police jobs cuts, fire fighters jobs cuts and your backing of the increase in tuition fees. The leader of the lib dems promised that you and the party in Manchester wouldnt be supporting an increase in tuition fees. But said nothing about defending the Police and Fire jobs. I think he is telling more lies and cant be trusted. This is just another stab in the back by the lib dems. god help you at the local elections in 2011.

  2. Councillor Dobson, surely you aren’t expecting our representative to respond to your points? Get yourself a brew, have a read of the paper, play some Solitaire, chances are that when you come back, we’ll still be waiting for a post on the issues raised at his Q and A session.
    Mind you, I wouldn’t be surprised if his next post were on some other vital issue of national importance, such as how Carlos Tevez is doing such great things for Anglo-Argentine relations and avoiding the possibility of another Falklands War.

  3. Cllr Dobson, please don’t come on here preaching about the Lib Dem policies you supported for so long and intimating that your defection was about some high and mighty political idealism.

    As for Coalition Sell Out, I suggest John Leech has slightly more important matters to attend to at the moment given today’s announcement of the CSR. As an aside, if you don’t like the content of his blog, you don’t have to read it…

    • What could be more important than keeping his constituents informed of what he is doing, and what he is planning on voting for on their behalf?
      And I’m sure he has staff. Are they not able to post the details of the Q and A from the minutes of the meeting?

      It may seem a small issue, but it seems fairly typical of Mr Leech that he only blogs/tweets/speaks when it suits him.

  4. I await with eager anticipation how Mr Leech will justify the cuts in the CSR.

    And I wonder how long it will take him to post about it.

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