Dosa Charity Night

I would like to extend a warm thank you to the St George Indian Orthodox Church who invited me to a Charity Dosa Night last Sunday.  As well as some fine food and a welcoming atmosphere it was a chance to raise money for a cancer hospice in the city of Trivandrum in Kerala, India.  The Karunya Vishranthi Bhavan hospice (Kurunya means kindness in the Keralan language of Malayalam) cares for destitute and terminally ill cancer patients and is run by the Indian Orthodox Church in Trivandrum.  I was also fascinated to learn more about the Indian Orthodox Church.  One of the oldest churches in the world, it dates back to the 1st Century AD and St Thomas’ visit  to India and has links with the Persian and Syrian Orthodox churches.

2 responses to “Dosa Charity Night

  1. Thanks for your participation and kind support. . We appreciate your effort in attending the function and for passing on your good wishes to our community.

    We look forward to your continued support. I would once again like to acknowledge your help with a deep sense of gratitude. We have donated £3750.00 in our first public charity event. In the future we will support a charity within Greater Manchester.

    Sunil Philip
    St George Indian Orthodox Church

  2. It was a fantastic idea. Lot of dances & other entertainments…
    I think they were lot more people than they expected…

    I am sure John Leetch MP enjoyed the event, he was enjoying all the programmes.

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