Burnage Garden Village Players

Jury Service has meant that I have to be in Manchester all this week and next. The good news is that I’ve been able to attend some evening events during the week in the Constituency, and last night I went along to see “There Goes the Bride”, performed by the Burnage Garden Village Players.

The play is a farce by Ray Cooney and John Chapman, and in front of a packed audience we were served up a barrel of laughs from start to finish. It was a good all-round perfermance. Rosemary Eyre was excellent as Ursula Wetherby, but, for me, Jack Edmonds stole the show as her father, Dr Gerald Drimmond.

The play runs until Saturday night. If you have a spare evening it is definitely worthwhile. Contact Pat Burns for tickets on 224 6514

One response to “Burnage Garden Village Players

  1. dear John, thanks for your support during our performance of “there goes the Bride” and for your kind comments and recommendation to support Burnage Garden Players

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