Didsbury Beer Festival 2010

A big well done to all involved in this year’s Didsbury Beer Festival at St Catherine’s. Arranged for the third time, this three day event is an important way of bringing together the local community in Didsbury.

This is the 3rd time the Didsbury Beer Festival was arranged and the event has kept growing year by year.  I am looking forward to hearing how much funds the festival has raised for this year’s beneficiaries, The Cornerstone Day Centre and the Christie Hospital. The Cornerstone Day Centre is one of the few drop-in centres for the homeless in the Greater Manchester area and The Christie Hospital is a leading specialist hospital in cancer care.

The Beer Festival is a great way of bringing together the local community and it was very successful this year. The Beer Festival celebrates the role that pubs play in local community life and our cultural traditions. I would like to thank everyone for taking part in this year’s festival. Special thanks go to all the volunteers that helped arrange the festival!

Didsbury Beer Festival 2010  (Click on the icon on the left for the South Manchester Reporter coverage)

2 responses to “Didsbury Beer Festival 2010

  1. We’d also like to congratulate the team at St. Catherine’s for again running a fantastic event.

    Last we heard they had over 3500 visitors during the 3 days. Hopefully that translates to lots of raised funds for the chosen charities.

    Here’s to next year!

  2. It was fun – though my own preference is for the end-of-November date of the first festival (winter ales!) I can understand how much easier it must be to run it during half-term.

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