My new hair charity campaign

Article in MEN

The week before last I met with Trevor Sorbie to add my support to his campaign with charity My new hair.

The charity provides services directly to people suffering medical hair loss and trains an independent national network of hairdressers to cut and style wigs making them more personal and natural looking.

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by medical hair loss you can call the charity’s information helpline on 01798 812 547 or go online for more information at

2 responses to “My new hair charity campaign

  1. No comment on here about your performance on last week’s Politics Show, which I just watched on IPlayer. You were very lucky to come up against someone who appeared to be the least convincing, most blustering spokesman Labour could have possibly come up with. But there is an important point in the Phil Woollas fiasco relating to Withington.

    What a shock that Mr Woollas should be distriubting a piece of party political propaganda masquerading as a free local newspaper, ‘The Examiner’. I agree that this is an underhand tactic, quite apart from its dubious contents. A bit like ‘South Manchester News’, with its ‘Focus on students’ (hmmm), ‘Real life stories’ and ‘Election guide – latest odds’ (a seemingly hard-nosed bookies’ guide to the election result… oh, surprise surprise, John Leech is favourite).

    I think all parties should be banned from using this sort of literature. It’s patronising and takes voters for idiots. At least when you get a Lib Dem Focus, you know exactly what it is. Underhand ‘local freesheet’ campaigning which doesn’t even mention the name of the party is just poor. All parties do it, but I didn’t see Lucy Powell attempt it in this constituency.

    Oh, and I see that you’re still banging on about your ‘Conservatives can’t win here’ theme even in another constituency. They can and they do. Elect a Lib Dem and it’s one more vote in favour of a George Osborne budget in Parliament.

  2. Good on you John for promoting this service for people suffering from hair loss.

    Although I can see the point the person who commented on the politics of promoting political parties made above, I’m not sure why it’s here. Nothing to do with hair loss!!

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