Movember Success

In the House on the last day of Movember!

As November is now far gone, so is my moustache! Taking part in Moustache November with Old Bedians RUFC in Didsbury and Cllr James Hennigan was good fun even if I did end up looking more like Peter Mandelson than Tom Selleck!

In addition to me getting the odd strange look, we managed to raise around £500 and counting for the fight against prostate cancer.  According to the Official Movember website this year over 112,000 people took part in the UK raising over £8.7m almost double the amount raised in America this year and dwarfing last year’s UK efforts of 45,000 participants raising £5m in the UK.

Despite this year’s Movember challenge is over, it doesn’t mean that we can forget all about raising awareness for what is the most common cancer among men as 36,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the UK.

Cllr Hennigan had raised the issue with the Manchester City Council during Health and Well Being Scrutiny and at Full Council calling on the council to officially recognise Movember as a charity and do all they can to encourage Manchester residents to take part and raise awareness. 
I am pleased to report that as a result of James’ work Manchester City and Man United have been approached by the Joint Health Unit to take part in next year’s Movember. 

I hope they do take up the offer and am look forward to seeing Tevez with a moustache next year, hopefully still in a blue shirt! 

 The South Manchester Reporter covered our Movember progress and you can see the article here.

Don’t forget you can still donate to the Movember efforts by clicking here:

Half way through with the lads from Old Bedians

3 responses to “Movember Success

  1. I was a bit of a fan of Mr Mandelson from about the ago of 20 John, so what’s wrong with looking like him? :o) He’s a very successful man ;o) Ok, he probably is older than you, but so’s Tom Selleck :o)
    I like Peter M :o) XX

    Sorry if this comment is too frivolous for your “serious” blog ;o)

  2. How much do you think it would cost to keep Tevez?! He obviously wants to go, unless he’s just after more money. Still: our manager seems to be getting decent reviews. He got compared to Alex F the other day. Note to Man City and their supporters: Ferguson has been there a long time! Yernited didn’t change their manager every 5 minutes ;o)

    John: I look forward to supporting Movember again next year, and maybe I can do something in the way of promoting it. I am happy to be around men with moustaches after all!

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