England retain the Ashes! But do I win my bet?

If like me you are a cricket fan you will have been suffering from a distinct lack of sleep over the Christmas break. I managed to stay up all night for the first day of the Melbourne test, and I’ve been knackered ever since. A great result, and England retain the Ashes. It must be an amazing atmosphere to play in front of about 90,000, although all but the 10000 or so England fans had left before the end of the first day’s play.

Some readers of my blog will remember that I previously mentioned a bet that I had entered with an Aussie living in England back in July (for the huge sum of £1!) on the outcome of the series. Today I have been trying to work out if I’ve won the bet, or whether England now have to avoid defeat in Sydney which starts on Sunday night (another nights sleep to lose!) As it stands England have retained the Ashes because we can’t lose the series, but if Australia win the last test, the series will be a draw. Unfortunately our bet doesn’t seem to mention what happens in the event of a drawn series, even though this will be effectively a win for England. But hopefully it won’t matter, because if Australia play like they did in Melbourne they should be in for another spanking.

There is something very satisfying about beating Australia – it’s like the football team beating Germany, (which has been equally as rare in my lifetime!)

One response to “England retain the Ashes! But do I win my bet?

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