Recycle the Joy!

Your tree may or may not look like this!

Christmas has been and gone, and you probably already have a beautiful wilting Christmas tree in your home if you decided to go for a real one! Just in case you did, I wanted to make a short note of what to do with your tree after the festive season.

Manchester City Council has made it even easier to recycle your tree this year because you can put it out next to your green bin or kerbside caddy on your regular collection day all the way throughout January. It will be collected alongside your garden waste and recycled into compost. In case you don’t have a bin for biodegradable waste, you can also take your tree to one of the park collection points from Monday the 3rd to Sunday the 9th of January. You will find the park collection points in the main car parks of Alexandra Park, Chorlton Water Park, Fog Lane Park, Platt Fields Park and Wythenshawe Park. The trees collected in parks will be chipped and the chippings used in Manchester’s parks so you can really recycle your joy.

For any further information and to book a tree collection if you don’t have a green bin or the possibility to take your tree to one of the park collection points, please call Manchester City Council on 0161 234 5004.

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