“Club Thursday” at Sha’are Hayim Synogogue Hall

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the West Didsbury Synogogue on Queenston Road with senior citizens from the Jewish Community. I did a short speech and then took questions from the floor on a very wide range of subjects from the prospects for the coalition to the situation in the Middle East and on a more lighthearted note about how I ended up a City fan rather than United!

I was told that I’m the 10th MP that has been to speak to the Group over the last couple of decades, which has included my predecessor Keith Bradley and Winston Churchill (the former MP for Davyhulme and Grandson of the former PM Winston Churchill). Next week Labour MP Ivan Lewis from Bury South will be number 11.

At the end I was presented with a gift – the Book “Speeches that Changed the World”. It begins with Moses and the 10 Commandments and ends with George W Bush’s speech on 11th September 2001. It looks like an interesting read.

2 responses to ““Club Thursday” at Sha’are Hayim Synogogue Hall

  1. Very good John :o)

    On the subject of MPs, in Mr Thomas’ Chop House in Manchester at the moment there’s a photography exhibition featuring Northern celebrities :o) There’s a good pic of Dennis Skinner, and in the blurb it says Dennis does more hours in the House Of Commons than any other politician, AND has the lowest expenses. Something to be impressed by, methinks.
    Maybe John, in the future, you’ll be in such an exhibition! I might suggest it to the photographer :o) And you did ok on the expenses front, from what I remember… All the very best John. Here’s to a great 2011 for all XXXX

  2. by the way, all those smiley faces should look like 🙂 In longhand I do nice big noses on mine : o ) but some software converts this to a funny shouting smile with a huggy arm!!!

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