Sleeping Beauty – Chorlton Players

On Saturday night I went along to see Chorlton Players’ panto. It was packed out, and I hear that it was sold out for all 4 performances, which is a credit to whoever is in charge of advertising and selling tickets! The audience were not to be disappointed – plenty of laughs, dodgy jokes (some fairly close to the mark) and cross-dressing and a superb performance from Andy O’Brien as the Dame. Well worth it for £6.

2 responses to “Sleeping Beauty – Chorlton Players

  1. I was at the Club Theatre Altrincham on Monday John. It was a riot :o) Can really recommend it to your readers :o)

    Tonight I’ll be at the opening night of the Royal Exchange’s current production.

    There’s a thing on at the Contact that sounds interesting too, but it’s only on tonight and tomorrow and I’m busy both nights!

    John, I know it’s not YOUR fault, but I fear for what the Tories are doing, with the assistance of your party. I’m sorry to be less positive than I’d like to be, but I think your party are running a huge risk of not being taken seriously in the future when Labour get back in with another landlslide, even if that is a few years down the line. Who knows: maybe it’ll take another 18.

    Anyway, I hope you are very well, and I look forward to seeing you again sometime :o)

  2. Thanks Wendy. Conversely we could have stayed out of the coalition and then be not taken seriously by being accused of ducking difficult decisions. That is certainly the reason why Labour didn’t want to be part of a coalition after the election.
    Labour also run the risk of not being taken seriously if they continue with the strategy of opposing every tax rise, every spending cut and not coming up with any credible alternative. The most recent one is now opposing the rise in the cost of petrol – they introduced the fuel duty escalator, they planned to raise VAT, but now they are opposed to the increase in the cost of petrol. At the same time they seem to think that rail tickets should go down in price, but that investment should be increased. It simply isn’t credible. It’s fantasy land economics.

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