Greenest Government Ever

This month I took part in a public meeting with Manchester Friends of the Earth and the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Action Group to debate whether the Coalition Government can make sure that it is the greenest ever. The meetings arranged with the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition are a follow up to the Big Climate Connection lobby that saw more than 220 MPs joining forces to fight for a greener future.
I was invited, primarily to talk about my involvement in the campaign to improve energy effeciency in the private rented sector as part of the Energy Bill. However I also had the job of arguing that the Coalition Government would be the “Greenest Government ever”. Unfortunately being the third speaker I found that my one and only joke had been pinched by Dave Timms from Friends of the Earth who opened his remarks by pointing out that it wouldn’t be difficult to be the “greenest Government”, given the record of previous Governments and that we need to be far more ambitious than simply to be the greenest Government ever. I have to say that I couldn’t agree more.

After the speeches we had a question and answer session on various environmental issues ranging from the provision of allotments in South Manchester to the impact of the Metrolink through Hardy Farm, as well as a number of questions on energy efficiency and future energy provision.
I enjoyed the event, and a big “thank you” should go to Ali from Friends of the Earth for arranging the event.

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