Manchester Carers Forum black tie dinner and charity auction on Thursday 6th October

Manchester Carers Forum is holding a black tie dinner and charity auction on Thursday 6th October at the Midland Hotel, and I would like to urge all of my constituents to support this event.

Carers are the unseen and unsung heroes of our communities. They undertake significant caring responsibilities for families and friends, which save our economy nationally up to £119 billion. Caring for your loved ones is a demanding responsibility and in many cases is only possible after giving up paid employment.

Carers often simply want to be given a break from their role, to get out of the house and spend time with other carers who understand one another. That is why all of the funds raised at this event will go towards providing group breaks for unpaid carers in the city of Manchester.

Please do support this worthy cause by coming to the event and telling your friends and family. This is your opportunity to help give carers the chance to have some time to themselves before returning to their responsibilities.

The programme includes a pre dinner drink at 7pm, with a jazz quartet and sax solo provided by the Royal Northern College of Music. Shortly followed by a three course meal at 7.30, where you will be presented with local talent and provided with entertainment, including games and prizes. After dinner, the Charity Auction will be held, accompanied by Coffee and Chocolates. The evening will then end with a dance, which will conclude the evening’s festivities at 1am.

Tickets are £50 per person and a table of 10 is £500. For Further Information and to buy tickets, please contact Simon on 0161 819 2226 or e-mail Simon at

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  3. These are great events to have! Not only can a great night out can everyone have by all, but the end result is that other people get help and reap teh benefits of it! A win win situation for all!

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