10 Minute Rule Bill: Deadline extended to end of Saturday

There is an article in today’s South Manchester Reporter about the 10 minute rule bill. I have agreed to extended the deadline to saturday to allow their readers to make suggestions too. 

We’ve had over a dozen suggestions so far .  Some have been ruled out because they are financial in nature. Those left include,

* Changing the opt in to organ transplants to opt out

* Restricting interest rates on payday loans

* Support Sustrans “Free Range Kids” campaign.

* Reducing the drink drive limit

*Introducing regular eye tests for drivers

* Close loophole in the law which allows cars to having their mileage changed.

* Introduce “talking buses” for blind/visually impaired

I am going to make a decision on Sunday, and then get the paperwork done and in on Monday

Suggestions can be made by using the link here.

2 responses to “10 Minute Rule Bill: Deadline extended to end of Saturday

  1. I would like to see much safer cycling becoming a priority and also , as i work in insolvency and see the effect of ridiculous interest rates, a cap on payday loan interest but the organ transplant change would appear to be the most important in many ways as it affects us all and should a family member (or ourselves) be in urgent need of an organ transplant then it would be an understatement to say that failure to take action would lead to some little regret

  2. You could argue that not prioritising cyclists’ safety could be a way to increase organ availability, but please don’t take this comment too seriously!

    I am a supporter of the 20’s Plenty initiative – thanks for your previous efforts in parliament on this matter, and well done for getting the recent motion passed at council.
    I am also a supporter of Sustrans’s “Free Range Kids Campaign” which seeks to place a financial value on the benefits of active travel, as well as create an environment where active lifestyles are a practical, appealing option.

    I believe there is a lot of momentum behind the issue of cyclist safety at the moment, initially created by grass roots pressure for action, and now supported by some of our politicians and institutions. Your colleague Dr Julian Huppert MP would like to introduce a system of “proportionate liability” to help improve conditions for vulnerable road users, and several MPs have expressed a desire to debate the safety issues that cyclists face on today’s roads. Whilst injury rates are reducing for motor vehicle occupants they are increasing for cyclists – a disappointing trend that I hope can be reversed.

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