10 minute Rule Bill: Road Safety

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions for a 10 minute rule bill. I have amalgameted several suggestions around road safety and the bill is reproduced below.

“That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require drivers to undertake an eye test when renewing a driving licence; to make provision to reduce the permitted blood alcohol level for drivers from 80mg of blood to 50mg; to make the turning back of a vehicle mileometer except in specified circumstances a criminal offence; to promote safe walking, cycling and use of public transport by children to and from school; and for connected purposes.”

Sorry if I didn’t pick your idea.

8 responses to “10 minute Rule Bill: Road Safety

  1. Reduction of 80mg limit to 50mg will be similar to reducing a persons reaction time from say a person age 60 down to reaction time of a person age 55. Where will this end? The main consequence will be that the rotating designated driver who just has one pint in a group of friends will not be legal. I doubt that the responsible group that I go out with every week would continue. Not only will this stop an enjoyable social group but it will probably lead to drivers chancing a few more drinks. If they are caught the penalty will be the same whether they have one pint or three. Let’s have some common sense rather than new authoritarian rules.

  2. Colin,

    I would be grateful if you could source your stats because I haven’t seen them before. One in six deaths on UK roads are from Drink Driving, according to the Transport Dept. The recommended EU limit is 50mg. Most European countries have a limit of 50mg, not 80mg. An estimated 80 deaths per year are caused by drivers with alcohol in their blood but below the drink drive limit, according to Brake. Far from people “chancing it” when a limit is low, they will be less likely to “chance it” if they know they are breaking the law

  3. I agree with Colin. The 80 deaths a year stat is meaningless. It would only be of value if it could be shown that the difference between 50mg & 80mg was the only, or at very least the principal cause. It’s the same spurious argument used to justify sticking up a speed camera at a spot where an 80+yr old who couldn’t see knocked down & killed a 70+ yr old who couldn’t hear at a speed of about 20mph thereby justifying ’20’s plenty’ as well.

  4. As a cyclist, who never drinks any alcohol when using my wheels, I’d feel a lot safer knowing car drivers were under 50mg rather than 80mgs.

  5. John, given the fact that as recently as last year the Government rejected the recommendation in Sir Peter North’s 2010 report to reduce the drink-drive limit to 50mg, what do you hope to achieve by introducing this BIll?

  6. Simon

    The Bill is not just about the drink drive limit – it’s about improving road safety measures including reducing drink driving.
    In my opinion the Government was wrong to reject the North report and the fact that the proportion of people failing a breath test over Christmas has increased shows that we need further action.

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