Amos’s humanitarian UN misson to Syria is vital

Regular readers of the blog know my view of the conflict in Syria. I submitted EDM 2729, which has now by signed by fellow Manchester MP Graham Stringer, which calls for the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador

I sincerely hope that the arrival of Baroness Amos,  the UN Humanitarian Chief, in Damascus today, will mean Syria opens its doors to humanitarian groups looking to offer relief to the victims of the Syrian crisis.

The situation in Syria is ever worsening and the need to evacuate the sick and the wounded grows every day.  The Government’s policy of sanctions, pressure and negotiations is the right one; but it’s effects take time.

It is therefore essential that the Baronesses’ objective “to urge all sides to allow unhindered access for humanitarian relief workers so they can evacuate the wounded and deliver essential supplies”, is achieved.

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