Share the Warmth……

I went yesterday to the launch of a British Gas campaign “Share the Warmth”. Currently, Pensioners and those receiving benefits are able to get free loft insulation which on average will save households around £175 a year.

Now, British Gas are offering an extra £50 to you, and your friend, if you refer someone who qualifies for the free loft insulation. This applies even if neither of you is a British Gas customer. Taking action now can ensure that the home is properly insulated before winter next comes around.

Hopefully, you will feel warm by helping a friend. But even if you don’t,  the £50 won’t go down a miss.

Currently £1 in every £4 spent on heating is wasted due to poor insulation and figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change indicate that only 57% of homes in the UK have proper loft insulation. Schemes like this and the Warm Homes Front will help more homes spend less on the basic necessity of having a warm home.

Full details of the scheme can be found online here (

Or you can call 0800 084 3863.

Information on Warm Home Front campaign can be found here (

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