Nominate your favourite curry house

John Leech MP with the Azad Manzil Team in the House of Commons Tiffin Cup Final 2008

It’s time again to nominate your favourite south Asian restaurant in the constituency for the 2012 Tiffin Cup Competition!  Nominate your top Tikka or best balti below!

This year, once again, I’m running a competition alongside the South Manchester Reporter asking readers to nominate their favourite curry house.

The winner will be my nomination this year to be one of 10 Restaurants to cook in Bellamy’s Restaurant, in Parliament, to compete for the Cup and be crowned the Champion!

Manchester is known as a place to get a top curry.  We have some fantastic restaurants and in 2008 the Azad Manzil in Chorlton managed to finish 4th!  But this year let’s do better and get a winner!  Post your nominations and lets show the whole country that Manchester cooks the creamiest Korma and makes the nicest naan!

The nomination has to be within my constituency of Manchester Withington so that’s Burnage, Chorlton, Didsbury, Ladybarn, and Withington.  You can always double check the restaurant’s postcode to see if it’s in the constituency by clicking here.

4 responses to “Nominate your favourite curry house

  1. Tondori Royale, Burnage.
    If I was to pick one in Levenshulme it would have to be the New Himalayas on Stockport Road.

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