Vote for your favourite curry house now!

Thanks to all those who have nominated their favourite south Asian restaurant for the 2012 Tiffin Cup.

We have whittled the entries down to a shortlist of two, we also had to exclude a couple which had been previously nominated by myself.

Dosa Express, Copson Street

Tondorri Royale, Burnage Lane

The deadline for the nomination is Monday so I’m going to run a poll for the next 24 hours and nominate the winner.

The winner will be my nomination this year to be one of 10 Restaurants to cook in Bellamy’s Restaurant, in Parliament, to compete for the Cup and be crowned the Champion!

Get voting!



3 responses to “Vote for your favourite curry house now!

  1. Many thanks for listing DosaXpress for voting.. We are really glad to see the 11.11% of voting and will aim for the 2013 cup next year. We will request you visit dosaxpress for tasting authentic south indian dosa and curry variates. Please email us before your visit and we will be more happy to welcome you to taste our food.Thanks again. Hope to see you soon.

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